Hitman Trilogy HD

Title: Hitman Trilogy HD Publisher: Square Enix Platform: PS3 Genre: Shooter Release Date: 1/28/2013 Overview: Play the missions that made Agent 47 a legend as gaming’s most famous gun-for-hire gets a greatest hits package. The Hitman Trilogy HD combines three classic Hitman games, letting you experience 40 of the franchise’s most unforgettable missions. Play Hitman […]

Dead Rising 3

Title: Dead Rising 3 Publisher: Microsoft Platform: Xbox One Genre: Action Adventure Release Date: 11/21/2013 Overview: The Dead Rising franchise returns with even more zombie horror to keep you up all night! Ten years after the Fortune City outbreak in Dead Rising 2, you play as a young mechanic named Nick Ramos. Help Nick escape […]

Watch Dogs

Title: Watch Dogs Publisher: Ubisoft Platform: PS3 Genre: Action Adventure, Shooter Release Date: 5/24/2014 Overview: NOTE: This game requires a patch for optimal performance. Code required to access bonus content is included with purchase, but not with rental of this title. Watch Dogs is an ambitious, open-world action game that puts players in the middle of […]


Title: Destiny Publisher: Activision Platform: PS4 Genre: Shooter Release Date: 9/8/2014 Overview: NOTE: Destiny is only playable as a multiplayer game online and requires a PlayStation Plus subscription for gameplay. From the creators of Halo, comes an epic new adventure that blends the rush of intense first-person shooters with the exploration of open-world RPGs. You […]