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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto VTitle: Grand Theft Auto V
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Platform: Xbox One
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 11/17/2014
Overview: GTA V unleashes a saga so big you’ll need three main characters to experience it. Switch between the lives of three criminals chasing success in a city that was once great, but now finds itself awash in economic doubt and cheap reality TV. Explore the massive (even by GTA standards) city of Los Santos and the surrounding Blaine County, a world of fading celebrities, wannabe starlets, self-help gurus, fitness freaks, and other sun-soaked weirdos. Here, street crime will only get you so far. To score big, you need to create a blockbuster. Work together on epic heists, multi-part missions that require precision planning and execution, and risk it all in a city built on big dreams…and littered with spectacular failures. The Xbox One version features new weapons, vehicles, activities, and enhanced gameplay to make your experience more immersive than ever.

Anarchy Reigns

Anarchy ReignsTitle: Anarchy Reigns
Publisher: Sega
Platform: PS3
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 1/7/2013
Overview: This explosive mix of massive and mayhem throws together human and cyborg warriors, takes away all the rules, and challenges you to be the last one standing. Anarchy Reigns is close-quarters chaos in combat form, a furious fight for survival filled with over-the-top weapons and unforgettable finishing moves. Play as your choice of two characters in two single-player campaigns where you’ll fight to survive a post-apocalyptic world gone mad. Those who are most creative – and ruthless – have the best odds of surviving multiplayer co-op or every-man-for-himself battles. Real-time Action Trigger Events (think plane crashes and black holes) show up at random and push the action further over the edge.

DMC: Devil May Cry

Devil May CryTitle: DMC: Devil May Cry
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: PS3
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 1/14/2013
Overview: DMC: Devil May Cry reboots the stylish action franchise with a darker edge and raw storyline that cuts to the core of Dante’s struggle in the face of his demon-slaying powers. Haunted and hunted by demons his entire life, the son of an angel and demon has nothing left to lose, and that’s bad news for the creatures of the Underworld. Summon Dante’s angelic and demonic powers instantly to string together combos in stylized shootouts and swordplay that stay true to the franchise’s roots. You’ll send demons back where they came from in action sequences that unfold like ballet, if ballet was filled with bullets, blades, and explosions consuming everything in sight.

Hitman Trilogy HD

Hitman Trilogy HDTitle: Hitman Trilogy HD
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: PS3
Genre: Shooter
Release Date: 1/28/2013
Overview: Play the missions that made Agent 47 a legend as gaming’s most famous gun-for-hire gets a greatest hits package. The Hitman Trilogy HD combines three classic Hitman games, letting you experience 40 of the franchise’s most unforgettable missions. Play Hitman Contracts, Hitman 2 Silent Assassin, and Hitman: Blood Money, all remastered with full HD presentation and Trophy support. Choose the tactic you think will be the most effective way to eliminate your target in open-ended play that ranges from strategic stealth combat to explosive run-and-gun action. Hone your techniques as you become a master assassin in these three thrilling Hitman stories.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Sly Cooper Thieves in TimeTitle: Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PS3
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 2/4/2013
Overview: Sly Cooper and his gang of thieves are in for a job so big, they’ll have to travel through time to pull it off! The crafty raccoon is living a low-key life of leisure. His buddy Bentley has been trusted with guarding the Thievus Raccoonus, the volume that holds the marauding exploits and skills of the Cooper gang. When Bentley begins traveling through time, pages from the Thievus Raccoonus start disappearing, and Sly is called back into action to track them down. Go on a time-traveling stealth-action platform adventure with Sly and his band of merry misfits. Solve puzzles and wear new costumes that unlock new moves in battle in a hilarious story that’s cross-compatible with PSVita.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Metal Gear Rising RevengeanceTitle: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Publisher: Konami
Platform: PS3
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 2/19/2013
Overview: Metal Gear returns with a new mission, one that trades the shadows of stealth for the white-hot blaze of over-the-top battle. Instead of covert ops and stealth infiltration, in Revengeance you’ll barrel into battle, where you’ll slice through cyborg enemies in furious stylized combat. Your character, Raiden, spent his early years as a legendary child soldier known as “Jack the Ripper.” Raiden has graduated to the combat big leagues and is now a full-on mercenary for hire, performing missions for PMSCs (Private Military and Security Companies) in a world recovering from a brutal Civil War. The fragile world is ripe for the taking, and Raiden and his blade will be the last line of defense against a coming cyborg invasion.

Tomb Raider

Tomb RaiderTitle: Tomb Raider
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: PS3
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 3/5/2013
Overview: A legendary franchise reboots as Tomb Raider flashes back to the time before Lara Croft was a gun-wielding, butt-kicking, tomb-raiding hero. When the young researcher washes up on an uncharted island after a shipwreck, she believes she’s alone – until strange noises start coming from the shadows. Travel across the open island wilderness and through the tombs underground as ruthless predators stalk your every move. Adapt to your surroundings in a gritty battle to survive using your wits, brute strength, and whatever weapons you can find. Fight unflinching melee battles as the hunted becomes the hunter in a cinematic story tailor-made for Lara Croft.

Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond Two SoulsTitle: Beyond: Two Souls
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PS3
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 10/7/2013
Overview: Motion-capture technology blends with Hollywood storytelling to create a revolutionary new experience from the makers of Heavy Rain. Beyond: Two Souls follows the life of Jodie Holmes, a young woman gifted with incredible powers through a psychic link to an invisible entity. Experience gut-wrenching decisions and life-altering events in a branching, evolving story that spans 15 years of Jodie’s life. Solve puzzles with innovative control sequences and survive cinematic action scenes as you control Jodie and the mysterious force to which she is bound. The game takes realistic visuals to a new level, using “performance capture” technology that allows Oscar-nominated actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe to bring the characters to life like never before.

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

Batman Arkham Origins BlackgateTitle: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate
Publisher: WB Games
Platform: PS Vita
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 10/24/2013
Overview: Experience the origin of a legend on PS Vita as the Batman Arkham series makes its handheld debut. Batman: Arkham Origins follows the Caped Crusader’s rise from raw crime-fighter to unstoppable hero. This companion Blackgate storyline gives you a chance to dive even deeper into the Dark Knight’s beginnings. Set just after the events of the console saga, Blackgate begins with an explosion at Gotham’s highest-security prison. Blackgate Prison is home to Gotham’s most twisted, fiendish, criminal masterminds – many of them put there by Batman himself. With the inmates running wild, it’s up to the Bat to restore order. Experience an action-packed, crime-fighting brawler with stylized 2.5D visuals and voiced cut scenes that propel the story forward.